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How to Make Enquiries from a School of Interest?

Many students usually find themselves in a dilemma when trying to enquire and apply to a school abroad for study. There are a few tips to know to navigate through the enquiry and application phase. Before contacting any schools for information, go to the school’s website, where most of the information is available. Also, determine whether it is an administrative or academic information you seek. For example, the office of graduate admissions is an administrative office which may have answers to all administrative answers regarding application process, deadlines, and test score submission. However, academic/research –related questions such as research interest and expertise of faculty within a department, application for a teaching/research assistantship are found either on the academic department’s website or by contacting the individual faculty members directly via e-mail. It is advisable to contact faculty members if the information you seek is not on the department’s page or your question is academic or research related. Still, some information might not be very clear to all prospective students especially during application. In this case, students can seek to make further contact with the school for guidance. For example, at WKU, there are various ways students can ask direct questions or seek clarifications to any unclear information. A very quick and direct way is to contact any international student diplomats via WhatsApp, email, or skype using the information on WKU website. Alternatively, a general email is provided to contact the international student office. There is also the option of speaking with an admission Counselor if any students so desire. 

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