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Trying new things and being open to getting involved

What do you feel when you are in a new place, and you don’t know everyone there? You may feel exciting, nervous, or panic? It is hard to say; also, different people get different situations. I can remember when I get into a new environment, I feel nervous, and sometimes I feel speechless. I don’t know how to get a conversation with people who I never met before. But there always are some approaches for us to overcome the difficulties. I get my way to avoid this awkward situation.

Encouraging yourself to keep trying new things is a useful way to overcome fear in an unfamiliar environment. A new thing is what you feel strange and you never try before. When you get into a new situation, you will feel things here are different comparing the place that you used to live work or study. What you do to react to the new stuff will be important because it may decide if you can better be involved in the new environment in the future.

There is an example about myself to show what challenges that I met when I first time came to the WKU. When I first day went to class at WKU, I was extremely nervous; especially, I found that I am only two of international students in a class. Everyone talked to people around them, except me. It seems that I am struggling in this situation. I kept asking me if I should speak to the girl who sited beside me. After five minutes, finally, I decided to talk to her. What I didn’t expect is that she was so friendly. She told me her name is Donna. If I had any questions in class, she would like to help you. After that, I felt more and more to talk to others, and WKU became the second home for me!

Also, I find when I accept a way of being open to involved, things change well in my life. I feel natural and comfortable to live in Bowling Green. I always say Hi to people who I meet on the street and the response with me big smiles. It is amazing! I get fewer culture shock and homesickness. Therefore, trying new things and being open to getting involved is essential for us to familiar with a new environment and get involved in the environment. Of course, you cannot imagine how new experience will enrich your life.

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