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My journey to becoming a diplomat

Joel Omage

As an international student, my application to WKU was much easier because of the assistance I got from the international student diplomats. I wanted to know about housing and the international diversity within and around WKU. All the information I needed was made available to me and this was very helpful in making one of the best decisions I have ever made. And as you’d probably guess, the decision I made was to pursue my graduate studies at WKU. The assistance I got from the international student office and diplomats motivated me to be a part of them and in turn assist prospective students who want to study here. I thought as an international student diplomat with the support of the international student office, we will be able to spread this same opportunity I got to a wider group of prospective students especially from Africa. Although, it is no doubt that WKU is doing great in spreading study opportunities and attracting a lot of international students, I observed that more students are still starved of these great opportunities. For me, I learnt about the opportunity to apply to the Chemistry department at WKU with financial aid when the application cycle was almost over even while actively searching for schools. It is my desire to reach a greater group of prospective students who might not be aware of the available opportunities to study in the United States. My passion to help prospective students fulfil their dream to study in the united states and as well settle in comfortably also motivated me to join the ISO as a diplomat. I was also determined to improve my communication skills, leadership skills and have some team work ability. Hence, I decided to become a diplomat. In conclusion, the exposure and connection a student diplomat is availed with as well as the culturally diverse environment in which we work as a team, goes beyond each course of study and contributes to our professional development.

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