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How To Be Productive When Taking Classes From Home?

It can be challenging to work and study from home. Laying on your bed and watching Netflix seem to be a lot more interesting than doing your homework. I feel the same way, I seem to find every excuse to do something else besides my homework assignments. Therefore, I am here to give you some tips on how to stay productive when you take classes from home.

The use of a planner or to-do lists have made it super easy for me to stay productive. I add all of the bigger assignments on my planner, so I know when are they due. Also, at the beginning of every week, I write down on my planner everything that I need to complete by the end of the week. I usually try to do one class a day. So, I mostly write down on every day specific things that I need to complete, for example reading a chapter, watching a video and submitting a discussion board. That way after I have completed these, I can cross them off and I can go lay on my bed, take a walk or watch Netflix, knowing that I have done all my school assignments for the day. Instead of a planner you can also use to-do lists for every day, it works the same way as having a planner. 

Also, if you have a longer research paper or something similar due, start it early. You do not have to actually start writing it early, but try to do some research earlier and not the day before the due date. That way you already have the material ready and it is a lot easier to just starting to write the paper once you already have your resources ready to go. If the paper is on a topic that you enjoy, doing the research could actually be the fun part of writing that paper. 

These are my tips for you on how to be productive from home. Let’s finish this semester strong!

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